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ProTidy is obsessed with providing exceptional personalized service, while maintaining strict quality standards, to satisfy every customer need. Each member of our team has a passion to succeed, and stays highly motivated to deliver superior work, with the goal of providing the greatest cleaning service available...!

We continuously implement new ways to disinfect and improve the air quality of your home. Our commercial vacuum cleaners are the only units manufactured to have an exclusive partnership with the American Lung Association due to their ultra high HEPA filtration. We also invest in full strength name brand products to ensure efficient and effective cleaning while thoroughly disinfecting your home. The following checklist is memorized by every staff member during 80 hours of certified training to maintain the consistent thorough cleaning our clients truly appreciate:


                   Each Bathroom surface receives the exclusive ProTidy 4S Cleaning System:
, Scrub, Sanitize, and Shine. We make thorough contact with each surface 3 times to guarantee a comprehensive cleaning, then perform a final inspection looking for lint, hair, etc.

Dust, clean, and/or polish switch & receptacle covers, knick knacks, shelving, etc.

Pre-spray toilet with disinfecting cleaner and dispense toilet bowl gel

Spray disinfecting cleaner on shower, tub, sink, and vanity top

Scrub every inch of all surfaces with Magic Erasers and water rinsing frequently

Sanitize with a Lysol rinsed cotton terry cloth towel

Shine & polish fixtures, toiletries, and all surfaces using a microfiber

Scrub toilet bowl w/brush then polish handle, wipe seat, and sanitize remaining area of toilet

Windex mirrors, and glass on shower walls and doors

Vacuum mats and tile, then thoroughly scrub baseboards & floor using Lysol

Bedrooms and living spaces

It is important to follow proper dusting procedures in the correct sequence to remove as much dust as possible. The room should be worked from top to bottom in a clockwise direction. A feather duster is used only on blinds and to collect dust from delicate objects and between difficult to reach areas; it is NOT to be used as the primary dusting tool in  any room, this will scatter dust into the air, settling back onto furnishings.

Spot clean ceiling fans, fixtures, vents, switch plates, and all baseboards & millwork

Dust blinds then raise to wipe dirt/grime from window frame & sill - Reposition blind

Wipe down front, back, and side of picture frames, mirrors, and wall decorations

Use microfiber to dust knick knacks then polish furniture tops & faces with Pledge

Use furniture tool around and behind furnishings; use crevice tool along walls

Vacuum Straight lines in the optimal direction to lift pile or nap; work out of each room


Kitchen sink, counters, microwave, and stove receive the ProTidy 4S Cleaning System. Stainless appliances are thoroughly polished using special technuqes to prevent streaks. It is important to look over and re-inspect your work for smudges, fingerprints, crumbs, etc.

Pre-spray microwave, stove top & grates with disinfecting cleaner

Clean, dust & polish ceiling to floor fixtures, cabinets, knick knacks, tables, chairs, etc.

Thoroughly clean dishwasher & refrigerator top to bottom (stainless cleaner as needed)

Spray, Scrub, Sanitize, and Shine counters, microwave, stove, and sink

Spot clean & polish objects and small appliances on counter tops.


Floors are last to be cleaned before exiting the home. Bathroom floors should be done right after cleaning each bathroom unless connected to other similarly finished floors (typically ½ baths on main level). All floors are pre-vacuumed and only washed on hands and knees.

Vacuum bare floors with 12" horse hair brush before washing

Add one cup Lysol to a half-bucket of hot water, use on all floors except wood

Use one capful of Murphy's in hot water on wood floors unless otherwise directed by homeowner

Thoroughly wring out cotton towels with very hot water to prevent spots & streaking.

Work your way out of the home making sure vacuumed throw rugs are replaced.
Remember hardwood floors are polyurethane coated so we're actually cleaning the clear reflective finish and not the actual wood. Floors are pre-vacuumed with a horse hair brush attachment then washed on hands and knees.

A capful or two of Murphy’s in very hot water is all that is used to condition the water.  Hot water will not only remove buildup 300% better than cold water, it will steam and evaporate much quicker. The faster a surface (any surface) dries, the less likely it will be to streak.  Using two tightly wrung out towels (one in each hand) allows efficient coverage, and using a scooping technique with the left hand moving clockwise and right hand moving counter clockwise will ensure nothing is missed.


Before walking out the door, take a towel, microfiber, and pure magic cleaner, then perform a detailed inspection of the entire home following ProTidy Quality Standards. Thoroughly check each room for dust re-settling, smudges on mirrors, anything overlooked,  out of place, left behind, etc.
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